Friday, November 8, 2013

i want changes

    i want to change my country and share my ideas,i want equality on race,i dont want sexism,i hate it     i hate people who only know to judge someone,at least females are the weakest humans in                   societies.They are bullied and hated by a lot.Okay lets say everyone can hate someone but not in         the ways that they dont choose to choose, not in the ways of bulling.I am a feminist,yes I am only       13 but I am a feminist.I want to follow Tavi Gveinson's steps.I want to talk and spread my                   emotions and my opinions.I dream to be a part f Rookie Magazine,i hope I will be in the near             future.Just because someone doesnt talk doesnt mean that they cant think,overthink.Now I am             gonna share some of my ideas and likes.For me a perfect date is sitting in a rooftop in a quite place     with the one you love mostly,drink wine and talk,deep talk.I dont want noisy places and not serious     conversations.Thats fun for me.So I just shared some of my opinions here. x) bye everyone!


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